Hi. I'm Alex Luckerman.

And this is my business, Learn Your Tech, a service to help anyone who struggles with technology but is eager to learn to become confident users of their devices.

Learn about what I do

Making technology make sense

I'm here now to help you feel prepared on your own later

Understand the jargon

Confused about the difference between Wi-Fi and data? Eager to share photos with family members but uploading and downloading got you in a load of trouble? I'll help break down the puzzling terms that make up tech literacy into ideas that make sense.

Practice makes perfect

It's not enough to have someone demonstrate or walk you through a process one time. I want you to be confident at every step in the process of using your devices, which is why I emphasize reviewing past lessons and make it easier to remember each step by explaining the logic behind it.

All your devices

Whether you're using a desktop computer, an iPhone or Android mobile device, an Alexa or Google Home smart device, or any other household technology product, I've got you covered.

What I bring to the table

A bit of information about my background as a software engineer, tutor, and my experience working with seniors

A technologist

My fascination with computers started young. At age 8, I checked out a book on the Java programming language and became obsessed. In a fifth grade class presentation, I proudly declared myself a computer programmer. In what is likely familiar to many in my generation, I was the go-to tech support for all my family members. I've been a particularly avid follower of mobile phone technology, keeping up with the latest phone news since 2011.

A tutor

In high school, I became very interested in the education system. I started volunteering at a local library and with an elementary summer school program. I got a job at a local tutoring center and started a business tutoring algebra, calculus, and the ACT.

An advocate for seniors

While my services are suitable for any age, the pandemic has made me realize that older folks have the most to gain from learning to confidently use technology so that they can stay socially connected in a time of necessary physical distance. I've volunteered on projects targeted towards seniors before, combatting social isolation and designing a nutrition app for those managing chronic diseases.


Two different flexible options to work for your budget

By the hour

Learning a new technology takes time, and I'm happy to be there each step of the way. For that reason, I offer individual tutoring to cover common technology tasks, review past lessons, and answer any specific questions that may have come up while using a device.

You can prepay for multiple hours at a time, which makes it an excellent gift this holiday season.

Starting from $25/hr when you purchase 6+ hours at a time.

Package deal

Are you looking for a gift for this holiday season? Don't just buy the latest gadget, get a support package from yours truly to ensure your recipient can operate their new device with confidence and ease.

In addition to a set number of direct consultation, packages also include a month's worth of access to "office hours" where customers can chat one-on-one about specific technical issues.

Custom packages available starting from $150.

Let's work together!

Leave your email below and I'll be in touch, or call and leave a voicemail at 615-933-9073.